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On March 27th, Savory Institute's Daniela Ibarra-Howell joined a group of passionate international experts in London, for a unique event organized by UK based Soil Capital LTD on how business and farmers can lead a paradigm shift toward more sustainable agriculture.

Daniela and the group of speakers shared first hand views of solutions that exist and explained how they play in building a fair and sustainable world fit for 9 billion people

"The inability of modern-day agro-industrial systems to address food security issues, desertification, and climate change has become increasingly clear, and we are working towards understanding and addressing these shortcomings" said Chuck de Liedekerke, manager of Soil Capital LTD.

The panel shared leading examples of regenerative agriculture techniques that improve the natural fertility of the land while securing long-term profitability for farmers and value for their community.

Market based solutions to scaling and sustaining regenerative agriculture, as well as the social and economic impacts of these proposed approaches were central topics at the conference.   
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