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The Sorcery of the Cancel Culture and “Mass Formation” Neurosis

Lots has been said about the cancel culture but I want to take a completely different approach. We all know, or at least suspect, that the “woke” culture is crazy and CIA-driven, and that one doesn’t need to be a biologist to describe a woman. So I am not going to talk about that. Instead, I am going to go into very deep waters and point at things that can potentially get us out of this mess, sooner rather than later. And in the process, I am going to touch upon the pain in our arses—the meta argument about what “mass formation” is or isn’t.

I want to start with a funny story that happened many years ago. In a public bathroom at a Russian restaurant, some girl accidentally stepped on my foot. After that, the dialogue went like this:

Girl: I am sorry
Me: No worry

After feeling tremendously baffled for a second, I figured out what happened.