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Stand Up for Raw Milk and Real Organic Food

I'm heading to Boston to help organize the fight against our state's Department of Agriculture (MDAR) which will decide whether to pass new language that would further restrict the already-restricted sale of raw milk in Massachusetts. Scott Soares, who heads the department, will make the decision after a single public hearing.

If you care about access to real milk or if you care about access to real food at all, it's important that you pay attention to this issue and even more important that you show up or make a fuss in some way.

If you can't be in Boston on Monday, here is what you can do:

Write to:

Commissioner Scott J. Soares  (

Department of Agricultural Resources 251 Causeway Street Boston, MA 02114

Below is a Sample Letter with key points - - copy/paste onto your own letterhead and please send ASAP.


Dear Commissioner Scott Soares:

I am writing to oppose any language that would further restrict the already-restricted sale of raw milk in Massachusetts. There are many reasons why buying clubs should be allowed to distribute raw milk:

-The milk buying-club system is the single most important mechanism in the protection and expansion of sustainable dairy farms in Massachusetts.

-The milk buying-club transportation system is the safest, most effective method of making raw milk available to the vast majority of those who wish to drink it.

-Private buying clubs have provided more than $700,000 directly to the pockets of small family farmers. Making buying clubs illegal will shut our farms down.

-From the milk industry, our state permitted farmers get $1.28 per gallon for raw milk. Because of buying clubs, small family farmers get $7 to $10 per gallon. Farmer income from two gallons of raw milk retailed from their farm roughly equates to 12.5 gallons sold to the tanker trucks.

-The buying clubs use state permitted dairies:

Each container of milk transported has the required warning labels on it.

There is no need for the individual to go to the farm each week to read the warning sign at the dairy.

This buyers' club arrangement has functioned without incident of any kind for the 7 years of its existence.

I would be grateful if you would allow buying clubs in Massachusetts.