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Protest Starbucks

Starbucks Is Afraid Of Not Being Cool Anymore

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Photo: YouTube/Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is afraid of being seen as the giant global corporation that it is.

Branding experts say the coffee chain has become so massive — with 20,000 stores in 65 countries — that it could begin to lose its cachet with millennials.

So the 43-year-old company has launched its first-ever global marketing campaign to refresh its branding.

The campaign centers around a 6-minute documentary-style video that was filmed at 59 Starbucks stores in 28 countries over the course of 24 hours.

It's an uplifting montage of elderly couples embracing, young people kissing, parents doting on their kids, kids laughing and sipping Frappuccinos — all filmed against the backdrop of Starbucks stores with a soundtrack of cheerful instrumentals.