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Stop Mislabeled Personal Care Products!

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For years, organic advocates have demanded that products labeled as organic should contain a majority of organic ingredients and should not contain potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals. But many companies deceptively label their lotions, shampoos, toothpaste and other personal care products as "organic" when they contain few or no organic ingredients.

A recent investigation by CEH found several "Jason" products mislabeled as "organic", in violation of California's organic law. Made by organics industry titan "Hain Celestial," Jason products are sold at Whole Foods and other retailers across the country (Hain also makes Alba and Avalon brand products). CEH found that a Jason deodorant labeled "pure, natural, and organic" contained just one organic ingredient, and had two synthetic chemical ingredients that have been linked to health problems, including hormone disruption and allergies.

Enough is enough. We believe that organic is an important term that protects the health of people and their communities. Companies have an obligation to use that word correctly rather than slapping it on any label they choose.

It's time to hold Hain accountable for their deceptive labels. As an industry leader, Hain should stand up and stop their organic greenwashing.

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