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Study: GMOs Lacking in Protein and Nutrients

Traditional corn has 28% more protein than the average GMO food/feed corn in our study, meaning you have to eat 28% more on average to get the same nutrition. Modern GMO food is full of empty carbs and calories, but greatly lacking in real nutrients. 

Corn is an ancient and sacred crop of the Americas. This plant has taken root across the globe, influencing cultures and cuisines worldwide. A richly diverse crop, corn has been bred to display a rainbow of colors in an array of sizes and shapes. Corn, also referred to as maize, has become a staple agricultural crop with an abundance of uses.

For thousands of years, Mesoamerican cultures have considered corn a sacred crop and a pillar of civilization. Sadly, agricultural industrialization is threatening much of its diversity.

The richly diverse and nutritious crop that sustained the Americas has become a homogenized commodity crop.