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Study Shows Even ‘Green’ and ‘Nontoxic’ Products for Kids Contain Forever Chemicals

Research revealed Wednesday that many tested children's products, including those labeled "green" or "nontoxic," contain "forever chemicals."

The analysis of bedding, clothing, and funishings for kids—published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology—follows other recent reports that have found per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in household products, particularly those marketed as nonstick and stain- or water-resistant.

PFAS are a class of chemicals that don't break down in the environment or human body and are tied to various health issues, including cancers and damage to immune and reproductive systems. While some states have taken steps to ban PFAS in certain products and clean up contaminated areas, public health advocates have long demanded sweeping federal action.

"The presence of PFAS ingredients in consumer products, including those used by children and adolescents, is not typically disclosed to consumers on product labels," the new paper notes.