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Swedish Company Will Vend Verified Sustainable Ethanol

Swedish biofuel company SEKAB says it will become the first company to vend ethanol verified to be environmentally and socially sustainable. The company is partnering with Brazilian producers to develop criteria for the full lifecycle of fuel-bound sugarcane, verifying that the fuel was not produced through child or slave labor, was processed in fair working conditions for fair wages, and did not contribute to rainforest destruction. "This initiative is the first of its kind in the world and a major step for speeding up the replacement of gasoline and diesel," says Anders Fredriksson of SEKAB. "The criteria will gradually be developed over the coming years and synchronized with international regulations when these are in place." In the meantime, flex-fuel vehicle drivers in Sweden should be able to fill up on SEKAB's sustainable ethanol by August.

sources:  PR Newswire, CanadianDriver
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