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Take Action to Ban the Toxic Pesticide Paraquat

Dear All,

Here is one form of solidarity and environmental activism that will not take much of your time. Please consider signing on to this international campaign by:
(a) going to <> and voting,
(b) endorsing the campaign for your organization by sending an email to
(c) spreading the word by forwarding this email to others.

With thanks for your help
(and for all the other work I know you are involved in),
Beth Burrows
The Edmonds Institute


forwarded from François Meienberg at the Berne Declaration (a
similar request was sent out by the folks at PAN AP, Pesticide Action
Network Asia Pacific):

Dear Friends,

Tens of thousands of people are poisoned by the Syngenta herbicide
Paraquat every year.

The Berne Declaration has started a broad public proceeding against Syngenta on the Website . To highlight the urgency of our campaign we call on civil society to publicly condemn Syngenta's inhuman business policies. We hope to enlist the support of at least 50,000 people to vote and pronounce a guilty verdict in the case against paraquat. Please help us to reach this goal by following means:

1) Spread the Email attached at the end of this mail to as much people as possible.

2) If you have your own Website: Download the campaign-banners at and put them on your website.

3) Endorse the stop paraquat campaign with the name of your organisation (see the list of supporters at To do so, write an
email to .

4) Go to yourself and send us your verdict.

Thank you very much for your support

François Meienberg

(Email: )

Dear friends

Please read carefully and forward this email to your friends.

Together with the Berne Declaration and 36 (inter-) national
organizations I ask you to support the case against paraquat.

The herbicide of the Swiss multinational corporation Syngenta poisons
ten thousands of people every year.

Paraquat is the world's most controversial herbicide. Not approved for
use in Switzerland since 1990 because of the risks associated with it,
paraquat is increasingly used in developing countries by plantation
workers and small farmers to kill weeds.

Ten thousands poison themselves every year because they lack of protective equipment and clothing or insufficient information. And thousands die a painful accidental death or commit suicide. There is no

The agrochemical corporation Syngenta of Switzerland sells hundreds of
millions of Swiss Francs worth of paraquat every year - putting lives at risk all over the world.

The Berne Declaration, an independent Swiss organization, calls on people everywhere to publicly condemn the inhuman business practices of the Swiss corporation.

Please support our online petition at .

Time is short: we need the support of at least 50,000 people by the end
of the year.

Please forward this e-mail to all your friends and acquaintances. There
must be many more people out there, who are unhappy about a Swiss
corporation putting lives at risk for the sake of a greater profit.

Thank you for your participation!

PS: If you wish to confirm the legitimacy of this e-mail campaign,
please send a mail to


Erklärung von Bern - Berne Declaration
François Meienberg
Postfach, Quellenstrasse 25, CH-8031 Zürich (Switzerland)
Tel.: +41 (0)1 277 70 00, Fax +41 (0)1 277 70 01
Spendenkonto: 80-8885-4