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Target’s 'Clean Beauty' Personal Care Aisle Ranked via Ingredients Guide

Have you seen Target’s “Clean Beauty” Aisle? It’s that part of Target which claims to be non-toxic, safer and green. But is Target following a similar standard of “clean beauty” as Mamavation? Well, not really. You’ve trusted Mamavation to cover topics like safest air fryers without PFAS coatingssafest non-toxic cookware, & other Mamavation investigations, now join us as we bring you the Target “Clean Beauty” aisle ranked via ingredients guide.

Target’s Claims About Their “Clean Beauty” Standards Are Vague and Mistaken

We love that Target has decided to support “clean beauty” standards, but we are struggling to figure out what these standards are. Furthermore, we have found some clear examples where they have ignored their own standards whereas there are products with prohibited ingredients inside. Odd, right? We thought so too.

If you go to the Target “clean beauty” page you see this quote explaining some of their standards:

“Look for the Target Clean symbol on beauty products to find those without phthalates, Propylparaben & butylparaben, sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) & other ingredients you may not want.”