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Teamsters and the OCA Send Clear Message to UNFI: Greed Doesn't Pay!

The fight against corporate greed at United Natural Foods, Inc., the largest so-called €œnatural€ foods wholesaler in the country, has gone national.  The Teamsters have joined forces with the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) to expose UNFI for selling out its workers and for undermining the organic movement by €œflooding the marketplace with conventional products greenwashed with "natural" labeling.€  

Union members, consumer advocates, and other concerned citizens who care about environmental sustainability and the way industry giants like UNFI treats its workers are engaging in a coordinated campaign to pressure the company to change its practices and treat its workers fairly. 

Recent actions include the following:

  • Leafleting over 2,000 consumers at the Fancy Foods trade show in NYC exposing the greedy partnership between UNFI and its largest retail partner, Whole Foods.
  • Surveying vendors at the Fancy Foods trade show to assess the effect of UNFI€™s practices on small organic retailers. 
  • Sending thousands of emails to UNFI urging the company to stop marketing so-called €œnatural€ products in such a manner as to make them appear €œalmost organic.€
  • Publishing a series of OCA newsletters that report on the effect of UNFI€™s near market monopoly on the organic movement.

What you can do: