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Ten Ways to Make Fashion Greener

Sustainable style is back on the agenda after MPs announced an inquiry into ‘fast’ clothes. This is what a greener clothing future might look like

To forecast the fashion of the future is a perilous business. Many years ago I road-tested compostable clothes for this newspaper. The corn-starch separates promised much: they potentially allowed us a guilt-free way of consuming fashion at a frenetic pace without the nagging thought of them festering in landfill for eternity. Unfortunately the garments I dutifully wore all day – praying that they would not begin composting while I was on the tube – never caught on. Surprising, that.

But this time, I’m back with bigger, bolder predictions, and for once I have some firepower. On Friday, the parliamentary environmental audit committee, led by Mary Creagh, announced it would investigate the social and environmental impact of disposable “fast fashion”. The aim is to remodel the industry and make it sustainable.

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