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Think That 'Bleeding' Vegan Burger Is Super Healthy? Think Again

Yes, it's meat free, but it's still processed food.

Super-cool "bleeding" veggie burgers are suddenly everywhere, from grocery store shelves to high-end restaurants, to fast-food joints. And they get a lot of health cred for being completely vegan—which makes sense on the surface. After all, there's plenty of evidence that eating more plants is associated with much better health—and concurrent info that eating red meat is associated with higher risks of cancer and chronic disease.

But a lot of the value of eating a vegan or plant-based diet is that you're eating more real, whole foods, and fewer processed foods. And one thing few people have really talked about is that while the different bleeding burgers may all be meat-free, they're still processed food.

This week, digital magazine Quartz is pointing that fact out in an article that addresses several concerns about the meat alternative.

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