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Thousands Sign Maui Anti-GMO Petition Drive in Hawaii to Put GMO Ban on the Ballot in November

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GMO opponents on Maui gathered nearly 10,000 signatures for a petition barring genetically modified crops.

"When we march these signatures in, we have accomplished something they told us no can be done," said Alika Atay, member of the Shaka Group, which helped organize the drive.

"I think the general public is saying 'nuf already, you know. The statement is very loud and clear to all the politicians and all the corporations."

The anti-GMO crowd needed 8,500 signatures to get their petition on the ballot. Their initiative seeks a moratorium on growing genetically modified crops and seeds until growers can prove that their products are safe.

Activist held a celebration of their accomplishments outside the county building. It attracted several celebrities, including Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.

"We have yet to awaken the sleeping giant. The sleeping giant is just coming alive. These 10,000 signatures is just the beginning wave," Atay said.

But GMO supporters are also gearing up. They staged a rally last week at the same exact location. They say the moratorium is based on bad science and will hurt Hawaii's economy.  

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