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Thousands Sign Petition to Stop Grand Canyon Bison Hunt Lottery After 45,000 Volunteer

Thousands of people have signed a petition to oppose the planned killing of bison in the Grand Canyon National Park.

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Last month the U.S. National Park Service and Arizona Game and Fish Department announced it was looking for "skilled volunteers" to take part in the removal of bison from the North Rim area of the Grand Canyon park.

The lethal removal is due to start in the fall of this year. The NPS said the park is aiming to reduce the number of bison in the area to less than 200 by 2025, citing concerns about the bisons' impact on park resources.

However, the plans have faced criticism and indigenous organization The Sioux Chef launched a petition a week ago to counter the cull. At the time of writing it has gathered more than 7,600 signatures.

The petition reads: "In the 1850s the U.S. government killed millions of these animals as a means of weakening indigenous communities across the west to ensure a campaign to take over their lands.