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Tim Ryan on Food and Agriculture

Mr. Ryan wants to provide more federal funding for local and organic farms and promote carbon capture techniques.

Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio has made agriculture and food policy a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

The context

• He wants to provide more federal funding for local and organic farms, and less funding for big agriculture businesses that produce ingredients for processed foods.

• He supports “regenerative agriculture techniques” like cover crops and no-till farming, which can enrich soil and increase biodiversity. He also wants to pay farmers to use techniques that would capture carbon in soil to help combat climate change.

• He is a co-sponsor of a House bill that would create tax credits and grants for grocers and other businesses that serve so-called food deserts, areas where healthy foods are inaccessible or unaffordable.

How he uses it

• Mr. Ryan argues that agriculture and food policy connect an array of seemingly distinct issues, including health care costs and climate change.

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