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The Tipping Point in the Fight Against GMOs: Moms

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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are taking over our food supply. Nearly 80 percent of processed foods, including those labeled "natural," contain GMOs and experts agree that organic foods are not likely entirely organic anymore due to cross-pollination (aka "genetic pollution") between conventional and organic fields. The facts are sobering.

Our food system has truly run amok.  Our children are increasingly less healthy, generation to generation, than before. And, the problem seems to grow worse and worse every year.

Until now. A growing number of people, including myself, believe the tides are turning.

Ten years ago, very few moms discussed GMOs and, like me, were largely unaware of how commonplace GMO foods had become. But activists like Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, broke the silence by speaking out and authoring consumer-friendly books like his seminal work on the topic, "Seeds of Deception," published in 2003.

Years of tireless, fringe advocacy and increasing evidence of harm have all paved a path for a wave of moms to push things to a tipping point. Why moms? Why now? I asked Jeffrey what his take was given his intimate involvement in the movement in the past decade. In true David vs. Goliath form, his insights were inspired.