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Today: UK Office of National Statistics. Excess Deaths up 18%. 38% Are Attributed to COVID.

According to the official government statistics, excess deaths for the week ending July 22 were up 18.1% above historical data. It is claimed that 40% “involve” COVID. 60% of the excess deaths (935 deaths that week) did not involve COVID. We are not told what their causes of death were.

For the prior 18 week period, we are told that all of the excess deaths, which were 11% above historical norms, “involved” COVID.

It is time to find our what diagnoses are on the death certificates, and what “involving “ COVID actually means:

We were told two weeks ago that only 10% of the “COVID” patients in the UCLA-Keck hospital were there because of COVID, and the other 90% were hospitalized for something else, but happened to test positive once they arrived. We must stop brushing all the excess death under the rug.