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In today's feature article, Alexis Black takes a closer look at some of the health problems caused by statins:

People who take statins have suffered ravaging health consequences, including permanent damage to their liver, muscles, and nervous system. Statins frequently cause people to lose their memory or feel confused. Here's a more complete list of reported side effects:

. Nausea
. Irritability and short tempers
. Hostility
. Homicidal impulses
. Rapid loss of mental clarity
. Amnesia
. Kidney failure
. Diarrhea
. Muscle aching and weakness
. Tingling or cramping in the legs
. Inability to walk
. Problems sleeping
. Constipation
. Impaired muscle formation
. Erectile dysfunction
. Temperature regulation problems
. Nerve damage
. Mental confusion
. Liver damage and abnormalities
. Neuropathy
. Destruction of CoQ10, a vital nutrient for health

That's a big price to pay for trying to lower your cholesterol. Especially when changes in diet, nutrition, and physical exercise will automatically lower your cholesterol with zero negative side effects.

As many readers know, I used blueberries, garlic and exercise to lower my cholesterol to LDL of 67 and HDL of 62. (Total cholesterol 129)

No drugs needed. I didn't even need to see a doctor. :-)


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To your health, - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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