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Tough Times Hit Even Garbage Museum

Not even the garbage is immune. A facility that championed environmentalism before the rest of the world caught up, the Garbage Museum on Honeyspot Road Extension in Stratford has been a somewhat off-the-wall local attraction since the 1990s. But with funding running out, the fun may be over.

The museum, at the Southwest Connecticut Recycling facility, features attractions such as Trash-o-saurus, a 2,000-pound dinosaur built from trash and old toys, as well as a variety of exhibits about the virtues of recycling and protecting the environment. It's a popular field trip destination for local grade-schoolers, but they soon may need to make new plans.

The Garbage Museum and its educational programs have been funded since 1995 by the Southwest Connecticut Recycling Committee, a group of 19 area towns and cities that oversees operation of the regional recycling facility in Stratford. Six of those communities, however, have decided to pull out of the committee and send their recyclable materials elsewhere. That decision leaves the museum's annual $266,000 budget well short of what it needs to be.

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