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Trump’s EPA Is Creating COVID-19 Sacrifice Zones

Across our country, millions of people live in sacrifice zones — the places that get stuck with the polluting industries, coal-fired power plants, and coal-ash pits that no one wants to live near. Now, under cover of a global pandemic, the Trump administration is suspending enforcement of environmental laws, sacrificing even more vulnerable places and the people who call them home.

Sacrifice zones are home to the most vulnerable people, and those people are us. You will find us in urban centers, where we are fighting for a breath of clean air. You will find us in rural communities struggling for fresh water, free from poisonous chemicals.

We live on indigenous lands scarred by extractive processes. We live on the other side of the tracks and in the shadows of some of the most toxic industries in our country, on land unfit for habitation and in housing debilitating to the soul.

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