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Trump Hails New Farm Aid Billions as Report Reveals Money Helps Wealthy, Southerners

The president again falsely claimed the farm bailout cost is being borne “compliments of the Chinese tariffs.”

President Donald Trump on Sunday hailed the new round of billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies to help struggling farmers survive his trade war with China. But his praise follows a troubling report that the trade aid — a total over two years of $28 billion — is being disproportionately doled out to farmers in Trump-supporting Southern states, and being paid to the largest, wealthiest farms and foreign corporations.

The Department of Agriculture said Friday it will begin making the second round of this year’s $16 billion in trade aid payments to farmers this week. 

The aid is not being paid “compliments of China tariffs,” as Trump tweeted, but by the Market Facilitation Program funded by U.S. taxpayers. Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods are paid by American companies that import the products and typically pass on costs to U.S. consumers.

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