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Trump Is the Opposable Thumb of the Establishment

Two years after he lost the presidency, Trump continues to dominate much discussion in the US, yet the meaning of Trump’s time as president is still poorly understood by many across the political spectrum.

There are several layers to it, but at his core, Trump was the opposable thumb of the establishment. He pretended to be against it, effectively logrolling with CNN, but effectively helped it grab more. Trump, a creation of Big Media, posed as a great critic of it.

This took place during his presidency, see below, but it is taking place now in a different form. His railing against Big Tech likely makes many more trusting of Big Tech. He can raise a legitimate concern, but in a manner and with a background that is ironically functional.

The Hunter Biden laptop story is small compared to other major stories, but its suppression just before the election seems a reasonable concern.