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The Truth about Japan and Ivermectin

As Japan’s rates surged in the Summer of 2021, Dr. Haruo Ozaki of the Toyko MMA recommended to the public that they begin to use Ivermectin to stop the Pandemic. This announcement came after over a year’s discussion of the need for clinical trials of Ivermectin in Japan. Ivermectin has a long history in Japan, where the properties of the bacterium is is based on were discovered by Satushi Omura of Kitasato University of Tokyo, Japan around the early 1970s. Kitasato University sent the bacterium Streptomyces avermectinius to Merck where they modified the active compounds into what became Ivermectin.

Kitasato University began discussions with Merck as early as May, 2020 to start clinical trials of Ivermectin for COVID-19. For whatever reason, (this topic needs more research), Japanese clinical trials didn’t begin until much later and they didn’t involve Merck. It is clear that during Japan’s COVID surge in the Summer of 2021, that medical professionals were frustrated with the lack of adequate clinical trials of Ivermectin, but were so sure of its potential that they felt a public duty to speak on the likely candidate to stop COVID.

After the recommendation Dr. Haruo Ozaki in August 2021, there is some information that imports of Ivermectin into Japan increased in September, although it is unclear to what extent Japan increased its consumption of Ivermectin. There is not much information to go on. Two things are very clear, however. 1. COVID cases fell rapidly to very low levels. 2. COVID vaccinations fell rapidly to very low levels.