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Tsargrad TV: Russia Preventing the US From Establishing a Global GMO Dictatorship

American scientists recently found that RT and Sputnik outscored competitors from the US on the number of articles they publish on GMOs. The researchers expressed fears that the activity of the Russian media could harm the American GMO industry, which intends to establish a dictatorship over the global food market.

At the end of February, researchers from Iowa State University published the results of a study in which it was revealed that RT and Sputnik released more articles including the word “GMO” than the old-timers of the American media industry – Huffington Post, Fox News, CNN, Breitbart News and MSNBC – put together.

The study was conducted by Associate Professor of Sociology Shawn Dorius and Associate Professor of the Department of Agronomy Caroline Lawrence-Dill. The scientist’s laboratory, according to Sustainable Pulse, is partly funded by the National Association of Corn Producers (NCGA). NCGA is a lobbyist for genetically modified crops.

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