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UK Finally Makes Smart Decision to Protect Children from Flu Shots - Why Doesn't the US?

Ministers of parliament and senior advisers in the UK government ruled against the flu vaccine for children under 5. This decision comes even though a flu epidemic is currently striking the UK.

Possibly they took a look at what Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, one of the world's leading immunologists, has had to say on the flu vaccine. Fudenburg found that anyone who had more than two flu vaccines between 1970 and 1980 has a far higher chance of having Alzheimer's in old age.

According to Vaccine Truth:

    "Perhaps the UK government has learnt their lesson. Instead of vaccination they have decided to bring back last year's Swine Flu ads with the caption 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it' ... The message is the best way to combat the flu is a lesson in hygiene."

  Vaccine Truth December 31, 2010
  Mail Online December 31, 2010

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

    UK children under 5 will not be receiving the flu shot this season, thanks to a ruling by UK ministers and senior government advisers.

    After canceling the immunization program for children aged 6 months to 5 years in 2010, they have decided to continue on with the no-flu-shot plan for this age group, citing that vaccination would not have any significant gains.

    This was a wise government decision because flu shots are typically ineffective and can be risky for many people, including children, the elderly and virtually every age group in between.

U.S. Still Recommends Flu Shots for Kids, Despite Serious Red Flags

    Physicians in America have been insisting that every child age 6 months to 18 years get an annual flu shot for several years now, but health officials have now ramped up those recommendations, telling EVERY person over the age of 6 months get a flu shot EVERY year, healthy or not, low risk or high.

    What will receiving a flu shot every year every year of your life do to your immune system?

    With all of those vaccinations, will you be more susceptible to influenza-related complications and death? Will children, who are already subjected to 48 doses of 14 vaccines from day of birth through age six, be at added risk for developing chronic health problems from being given a flu shot every year throughout elementary, junior high and high school?

    We really don't know.

    Health officials have leapt ahead with recommendations of "flu shots for all" without safety studies -- so by getting a flu shot, you are effectively offering yourself, or your child, up as a laboratory rat. In other words, YOU are the safety study!

    This year's seasonal flu shot is a combination vaccine that contains two regular strains of influenza and the new 2009 pandemic H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine -- you will not be given the choice to take the seasonal and swine flu vaccines separately.

    This is the same type of flu vaccine that Australia suspended during its most recent 2010/2011 flu season for use in children under the age of 5 because it caused a surprisingly high number of reports of children suffering high fevers, vomiting and febrile convulsions. By June of 2010, more than 1,000 adverse reactions in children under the age of 5 had been reported.
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