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UK Targeted for Experimental Gene-Edited Tomato

Developer opts for deliberate contamination as commercialisation strategy

An article on Japan's gene-edited tomato specifically mentions the post-Brexit UK as a possible target for the experimental product.
The article also mentions the developer Sanatech Seed's commercialisation plan, which centres on deliberate contamination via free distribution of the seeds to home gardeners in Japan.
Such free distribution of GM seeds is a time-honoured tactic by GMO developers. It was used to spread illegal GM flax in Canada, leading to market collapse for Canadian flax exports to Europe.

Sanatech’s tomato is genetically engineered to contain high levels of GABA, an amino acid that can act as a sedative and lower blood pressure. Despite the fact that it is engineered to have a biological effect on the consumer, it appears not to have been safety tested via animal feeding studies or molecular analyses.

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