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Ukraine: What Comes Next?

Undoubtedly, as a Chinese philosopher would say, we are living in “interesting times”, that is, times of great change for all mankind.

Existentialist philosophers such as Sartre and Camus would be surprised if today they saw how references (at least in name) to the current of thought they formed almost 80 years ago are multiplying in the media.

More and more states and nations claim to face “existential” threats, and no wonder, because Russia has everything at stake, the West has everything at stake, and the world also has everything at stake.

In this text we try to go beyond the immediate and take a look at what would come after this great collision between the United States and Russia-China. We will try to give an answer to the question of what the new post-Western multipolar order would look like. But first, we will make some observations on the current situation regarding the war in Ukraine.