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An Uncensored Covi-sation with McCullough, Vanden Bossche & Verkerk

In a world where scientific and medical dissent is marginalised, ridiculed or censored, we are very excited to be able to bring you, with our co-hosts at the Westreich Foundation, this almost 2 hour uncensored conversation chaired by a leading, highly published, US professor of family medicine and public health, Paul Mills PhD.

His guests are world leading cardiologist, Peter McCullough MD MPH FACC, vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche DVM PhD, and our founder, Rob Verkerk MSc DIC PhD FACN. The topic of conversation was nothing less than some of the key issues around covid-19, mass vaccination and early treatment that have split societies all over the world.

This polarization now threatens social coherence and public trust in governments, health authorities and the medical establishment.