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The Unintended Consequences of Fake Meat

Consumers are currently being bombarded with commercials and ads for various forms of what I term “fake meat.” Curiously, many who are manufacturing and selling these products, as well as their supporters, prefer to call them “clean proteins.”

The ads appear to be almost everywhere—on the TV, in magazines, radio, billboards, store signs, newspaper and any place imaginable. It’s pretty much impossible not to see, hear, or read about fake meats. Not only are there direct ads, but there have been, and continue to be, numerous stories about “clean proteins” and their benefits for human health, animal welfare, the environment, and climate change.

What are the Ads Saying

Most of the ads tout the supposed benefits of plant-based proteins and somehow confer on them a “cleanness” that implies they are far better for health, environment and climate change than any real protein can be. When you read or listen to the ads you will hear statements like, “100 percent plant-based,” “derived from all plant sources,” “healthier for you,” “Wow, I can’t believe this is not real beef.”

In one commercial where they are showing people taste-testing a fake-meat hamburger and supposedly loving the taste of the fake meat far better, one of the characters says, “I’ve been a #@$* Fool!” That particular ad purposely shows a cowboy hat-clad guy eating the fake meat burger while making that statement. I do hope that we all know the people in the ads are actors spouting their lines, and that even what they are wearing is very purposeful and planned. They are meant to represent all sorts of people from all walks of life. 

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