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A Unique No-Till and Regenerative Farm Is Here in California

The line between soil and dirt is anything but fine. Without knowing it, farmers have been stripping the soil of essential nutrients for generations. But now we know, and modern farmers like those at Singing Frogs Farm are reestablishing how our crops are grown, benefiting the environment, community and local economy. 

Located in Sebastopol, California, the 8.8-acre farm and surrounding area was originally managed in the hands of the Kashaya Pomo and Coastal Miwok Peoples. Current owners Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser honor the land through regenerative farming practices, and protecting the long-standing native basket grasses the Indigenous people used for making water-tight baskets.

How it all started

The Kaisers developed Singing Frogs Farm after meeting in the Peace Corps in West Africa. The duo pursued hands-on experience and university degrees in tropical agroforestry, natural resource management, international development and public health while working in varied locations around the world. After marrying, they returned to their roots in Sonoma to start the farm.