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Two weeks ago we began to look very closely at what is happening at Fukushima and produced an article that tells you  what you need to know about this three-part nuclear crisis.  In it we urge a global solution to this global threat.  If you agree, take action by signing this petition.

We will describe further what is happening at Fukushima, what needs to be done and how that relates to the broader struggle; but first, here are a number of important news items from the past week:

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch issued a report on drones that questions their use against civilians as equivalent to war crimes,  CODEPINK exposed that the fund for drone victims is going to US NGOs instead and a former official stated that every drone strike creates 40 new enemies
The UN torture investigator wants to visit hunger striking prisoners in Pelican Bay and is meeting with their families. 
Recent successes include Denver activists who pressured the ritzy Palm Restaurant to drop its support for an urban camping ban that is hurting the homeless and Occupy court victories against the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. 
NSA spying on US allies around the world was exposed as well as how government corruption (donations) leads to bipartisan support for spying and a report that NSA spying has not thwarted terrorism. 
Bankers, both Bank of American and JPMorgan, are finally being held (a little) accountable.

These are a few examples of many activities in the movement this week that you can see on Popular Resistance (and receive in your mail every morning in our daily digest).      

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