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Unusual Toxic Substances Found in COVID Vaccines “Without Exception”

new German study shows unusual toxic components in all Covid vaccine samples tested. Moms Across America calls the CDC to cease and desist the COVID vaccination program immediately. Hundreds of doctors have been effectively treating COVID with medications and supplements for over two years now; a dangerous and ineffective gene therapy injection containing unusual and toxic substances is unnecessary.

The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis shows that some of the toxic elements found inside the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccine vials were not listed in the ingredient lists from the manufacturers.

“We have established that the COVID-19 vaccines consistently contain, in addition to contaminants, substances the purpose of which we are unable to determine,” their study says.

The group comprises 60 members, including physicians, physicists, chemists, microbiologists, and alternative health practitioners, supported by lawyers and psychologists.