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US Agriculture Experts Praise Cuba's Organic Farming

Professors Peter Rosset and Miguel Altieri of the University of Calilfornia
at Berkeley praised the model of urban organic agriculture used in Cuba, noting that it has the support of the community and government authorities and is an example to the world on taking advantage of local resources.

The US professors lectured at the Sixth Conference of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture "For a sustainable and ecological agriculture in harmony with nature and society," organized by the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF), which concluded Friday at the Hotel Nacional in Havana.

Eugenio Fuster, ACTAF president, told Granma that several cooperation agreements were signed during the event, including one with the secretary general of organic agriculture of North Korea, Mr. Rak Chang Nam.

More than 100 representatives from the Americas, Asia and Europe shared their experiences at the conference in an effort to come up with ways to lower the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and fuel in food production.

Representatives of 72 centers, rated excellent for their urban agriculture results in Cuba, participated along with dozens of farmers belonging to the agro-ecological movement sponsored by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).