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US Government Approves Monsanto Seed Experiment across America

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Washington - For the first time, the U.S. government has signed off on a large-scale experiment with genetically modified crops from Monsanto engineered corn seed.

RT reported that the experiment will introduce Monsanto's engineered corn seed across America from South Dakota to Texas.

The giant GMO corporation has been given the go-ahead to test a man-made corn variant which apparently can thrive in dry, unfavorable conditions. Much of the American south and southwest is experiencing abnormally arid conditions, and Monsanto says that the GMO seed could thrive under these drought conditions and "revitalize" a large portion of the nation's agriculture.

However, it is far more likely that a success with the experiment would simply improve Monsanto's profits and not much more.

The U.S. government has approved Monsanto's test of the biotech crop on farms owned by the company, to see if the seed could be commercially viable. If it is viable, then the seed is expected to be made available for purchase in 2013.

As reported by Digital Journal recently, America's small farmers are already in danger and are threatened by the industry giant Monsanto. Recently a class action suit by farmers, saying that Monsanto's crops were infringing on their organic crops, was rejected by the courts.