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U.S. Verdict on Roundup Cancer Case Batters Bayer Share Price

German chemical giant Bayer has suffered one of its worst losses in 16 years after a court ruled Roundup caused a man's cancer. The trial could now determine the settlement of hundreds of similar cases.

A US jury concluded on Tuesday that the Roundup weed killer was a "substantial factor" in causing cancer in a 70-year-old California man.

The ruling is a blow to Bayer, whose subsidiary Monsanto makes the herbicide. The trial could pave the way for more cases linking glyphosate in Roundup to the development of cancer.

Details of the case:

• California resident Edwin Hardeman was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after using Roundup for 25 years.

• The San Francisco jury came to a unanimous verdict that the weed killer had contributed greatly.

• Now the trial will enter a second phase to determine whether Monsanto is liable for damages.

• The plaintiff's lawyers may now present evidence showing Monsanto's efforts to sway scientists and influence regulators.

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