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U.S. Will Have Spent $100 Billion on Ukraine This Year

On November 15th, U.S. President Joe Biden requested Congress to allocate another $37.7 billion to Ukraine, and the Democratic Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the neoconservative Gregory Meeks of New York, said it was “urgent to make sure that we get them everything that we can … so that they have the weapons to continue the momentum moving through the winter,” against the Russians. According to the AP’s report, 

“U.S. aid to Ukraine has already included tens of thousands of missiles and rockets for air defense and anti-armor systems, and more than 84 million rounds of ammunition, as well as drones, tanks, trucks, radars, body armor and other gear.”

Calculations published on October 11th by the the Kiel Institute for World Economy’s “Ukraine Support Tracker” totaled up $52B from the U.S. to Ukraine this year, as-of that time, and by now around $60B has been allocated.