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Valentine's News: Dole Gets Colombian Flower Farms Florverde Certified

OCA Editor's Note:  For the past three years, the OCA has been pressuring Dole Food Company to clean up its act in regards to the growing and harvesting of its flowers on its Colombian and Ecuadorian farms. Due, in part, to OCA supporters sending letters to Dole via our Valentine's Campaign,Dole is taking major steps to produce flowers with fewer pesticides and with better treatment of farmworkers.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Jan 04, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Dole Food Company announced today that Dole Fresh Flowers has received the Florverde Certification at its farm operations in Colombia, South America. The Florverde Certification represents that its certified members grow their flowers in compliance with environmental, social, labor and occupational health and safety standards. In order to receive the Florverde(R:  55.08, +3.08, +5.92%) certification, participating farms must comply with all compulsory standards and codes of conduct, including operational and social guidelines. Certification is verified by an independent third party, SGS, a renowned international audit company based in Switzerland as stated by Florverde.
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