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Vermont Legislator Partridge Honored for GMO-Label Work

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BRATTLEBORO -- Vermont doesn't yet have a GMO-labeling law.

But state Rep. Carolyn Partridge, D-Windham, has worked hard to make that happen and has been lauded for her role in getting a bill that requires labeling of genetically modified food through the state House earlier this year.

That work has earned Partridge the "legislator of the year award" from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. The veteran legislator will receive the award at the organization's Nov. 20 conference at Mount Snow.

"I'm very honored. I think Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility is a fantastic organization," Partridge said.

"It was a total surprise," she added. "I know that they've been very active in the local-foods movement. For that, I'm very appreciative."

The battle over GMO labeling is happening state-by-state. But there is not a state that currently mandates such notices, and labeling advocates have measured progress in fits and starts:

-- Last week, voters in Washington state rejected a GMO-labeling referendum. California voters did the same last year.

-- Also last week, a New Hampshire House committee recommended that the state's full House of Representatives kill a bill requiring GMO labeling.

-- Legislatures in Maine and Connecticut have passed labeling laws, but those measures will not go into effect until other states do the same.     

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