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Vermont Puts Lessons from Past in GMO Bill

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Vermont lawmakers seeking to make their state the first to require the labeling of genetically modified food are hoping history won't repeat itself.

A bill (H. 112) that was passed by both the state's Democratically controlled House 99-42 in May and its Senate 26-2 on Tuesday would mandate labels on all genetically engineered edibles sold, with exemptions for animal feed and some food-processing aids, such as enzymes for making yogurt.

If the House backs the Senate-amended bill Wednesday afternoon as expected, it could shortly head to Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin for his signature.

But this isn't the first time that the Green Mountain State has been challenged on its efforts to enforce labeling requirements on products. In those instances, which involved labeling dairy products from livestock treated with growth hormones and mercury-containing devices, the state has had mixed results.

Now, lawmakers are looking to learn from their mistakes, adding language to the bill that they hope will provide an iron-clad legal justification for the measure.

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