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VT Organic Farmer and GMO Expert: Labels ‘like Skull and Crossbones’

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Will Allen is not just an organic farmer - he's an expert.

As the head of Cedar Circle Farm, Allen brings a lifetime of sustainable farming experience to the 40 acres of vegetables and berries that line the Connecticut River in East Thetford, Vt., on land conserved by the Vermont Land Trust.

A professor and activist, Allan's bio features many credentials, from founder of the Sustainable Cotton Project and the California Certified Organic Farmers Organization to policy adviser to the Organic Consumer Association. If all goes according to plan, Allen may soon add a new credential to the list: litigant in Vermont's multimillion-dollar GMO lawsuit with the Grocery Manufacturer's Association.

So when Allen speaks on the impact of GMO labeling on food manufacturers, people listen.

"They're worried about skull and crossbones on food labels, because that's what they think is going to happen as soon as you put a genetic engineering label on it - it's like a skull and crossbones," Allen told Vermont Watchdog.

According to the Thetford farmer, GMO labeling laws could end the use of GMOs in the United States.

"(Here's) what will happen if the labeling bill passes a court challenge. That law will go into effect in 2016, and at that point, I'll guarantee you, that as it happened in 64 countries that have labeling already, the genetic engineering industry will switch products, because they know a GMO label is driving people away from buying that food."        
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