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Wal-Mart Lobbying Hard to Make Sure Meat Eaters Don't Know Where Their Meat is Coming From

Dear Consumer,

Wal-Mart is doing everything it can to stop you from knowing where your meat comes from.

For years, Wal-Mart has been lobbying against regulations requiring country of origin labels (COOL) on meat. It spends millions of dollars on anti-COOL lobbying and campaigns to keep its image as an all-American store.

Why does Wal-Mart want to keep its customers in the dark?

We're launching a radio ad against Wal-Mart's shady business practices -- and you can help us spread the word. Listen to the ad, then write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, demanding that Wal-Mart disclose where its meat comes from:

Bruce Peterson, the Wal-Mart executive responsible for purchasing meat and produce, has spent four years lobbying against COOL. In a 2003 interview with Beef Magazine, Peterson claimed, "It's clear the proponents of COOL don't understand the consumer. COOL applies costs to the system and provides zero benefits to the consumer."

Knowing where your meat comes from doesn't matter? Try telling that to parents buying hamburger for their children, or to American farmers and ranchers whose steaks Wal-Mart no longer buys.

Back in the 1980s, Wal-Mart boasted about its commitment to American-made products. Now they've gone in the opposite direction, getting the majority of their products from suppliers in 70 different countries.

Shouldn't Wal-Mart's customers know which country supplied the food on their plates? Write a letter to your local newspaper, and spread the word about Wal-Mart's efforts to keep its customers in the dark:

Campaigns like this keep the pressure on Wal-Mart -- and your actions get results.

Working Families for Wal-Mart, a group funded by the retail giant, announced it was shutting down, a website it used to smear opponents of Wal-Mart.

They went up against Wal-Mart Watch -- people like you -- and they lost.

But there's no time to sit back and enjoy this victory; the next fight has already begun. Will you rise to the challenge? Write a letter to your local newspaper, and demand that Wal-Mart tell its customers where its meat comes from:

There's more to good business models than low prices. Together we can stop Wal-Mart's efforts to cut costs by hiding information from its customers.

Thank you,

David Nassar
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