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Wal-Mart Rolls Out Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign for Organic Foods

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Amid its $578 million advertising review, Wal-Mart Stores is kicking off a multi-million dollar campaign focused on its new organic food offerings.

Wal-Mart is moving into the organic food field with a marketing campaign emphasizing low prices.

The TV, radio, online, print and in-store push, from independent Bernstein-Rein, Kansas City, Mo., showcases the first-ever "organics" Wal-Mart logo and the tagline "What will you bring to the table?"

Separation from Target As Wal-Mart positions itself to win over more affluent shoppers, the focus on organic food -- once considered a luxury of the affluent -- comes in the one category where it beats rival Target Stores handily. Target "hasn't figured out how to do food in a way that draws shoppers in frequently," said a report released today by research firm Retail Forward.

Although recent ad campaigns from the retailer have steered away from price, the new campaign hammers home the line "Introducing Organics at the Wal-Mart price."

"This is an awareness message, but we didn't want to downplay price because it's one of the key barriers to people buying organics because they don't want to see their grocery bill skyrocket," said Janel LaMonica, VP-creative director at Bernstein-Rein. "The two barriers to organics has always been one, finding it, and the other, affording it. Wal-Mart has taken down both these barriers."

Debut spot features baby The debut spot features a laughing baby covered in organic baby food playing with the family at the kitchen table. The ad will run mostly on network TV and cable, such as the Food Network and HGTV. Print ads are slated for Real Simple, Parenting, Self and Cooking Light.

Since last May's appointment of Chief Marketing Officer John Fleming, Wal-Mart has held back on promoting its food offerings, focusing instead on its upscale home and apparel lines.

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