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Wall Street Falls in Love with a Non GMO Burrito

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Wall Street sent Chipotle's stock soaring when they announced that they were dumping genetically engineered ingredients from their food in 2014.  The stock is up almost 72% year to date and on Friday, it soared 15% to an all time high.

It's not the first time this has happened.  Wall Street fell in love with Annie's IPO last year over a bowl of mac and cheese that wasn't loaded with junk.

Contrast that with junk food companies that were just sued by a state attorney general for an attempt to keep consumers in the dark over how these same ingredients are quietly being inserted into food.

Food companies are now faced with an interesting choice: invest in a food supply free from genetically engineered ingredients or pour money into efforts in an attempt to keep consumers from knowing about them.

Chipotle announced on Friday that their revenue for the quarter was $827 million - up 18% the same quarter last year, beating analysts' estimates of $820 million.

Comps (an industry term learned and tracked by analysts that measures same store comparable sales year over year, month over month, etc.) increased 6.2%. Compare that to other restaurants in the industry: Qdoba's 0.5% and Taco Bell's 2%, and you get a feel for the growing strength of Chipotle's hold on comsumers' hearts, minds and stomachs.  
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