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Want a Fairer Fashion Industry? This Is What You Can Do

Five years ago this week, 1,138 young women and men working in a textile factory in Bangladesh lost their lives when the building – which had notable signs of danger and deterioration – collapsed.

The people working in Rana Plaza, were producing garments for many well known brands like Mango, Primark and Walmart, and the tragedy sent shockwaves around the world. Not just because of the  lives lost, but because it showed the result of the unsafe and unhealthy working conditions our cheap fast fashion is often made in. This was too high of a price to pay for cheap fashion, and so a global movement called “Fashion Revolution” was founded in protest.

Now in its fifth year, Fashion Revolution Week will be bigger and bolder than ever. From today until Sunday April 29, it will bring activists in 100 countries that are demanding a more sustainable, safer, cleaner and more transparent fashion industry.

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