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Want the Truth About New Money Pox Drugs and the Jynneos Vaccine?

Here is the end of the ACIP's discussion today of drugs for moneypox, and CDC's criminal lie about Jynneos' safety

3 Drugs that might be used for money pox

1. Brincidofovir. Brincidofovir is licensed (since 1996) for treatment of smallpox but is not available in the US stockpile (termed the National Strategic Stockpile) and CDC is considering obtaining an expanded access IND (a legal permission from FDA to test/use it in people) so that it could legally be used if needed. But it could be used off-label, since it is licensed. Why is CDC jumping through unnecessary hoops? Probably in order to control the supply, in a similar though not identical manner to what FDA did with donated hydroxychloroquine.

2. TPOXX, the controversial drug made by SIGA Technologies. When the Obama administration first tried to buy this drug, Congress had a fit and the media helped blow up the deal.