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Warning - Corporate Agribusiness Cloaked as Farmers

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Recently, the Organic Trade Association (OTA) announced that they are forming a "Farmer Advisory Council." This comes at a time when the OTA has received widespread, sharp criticism from organic farmers and ranchers and the organizations that represent them.

The OTA is a trade/lobby group representing, primarily, processors, marketers and retailers in the organic industry. The organization's leadership and financing is dominated by giant agribusinesses that gain the majority of their sales and profits by selling conventional and/or "natural" food rather than certified organic products (Dean Foods/WhiteWave, General Mills, Smuckers, Groupe Danone, Campbell's, Kellogg's, etc.) and giant corporations more focused on organics (Earthbound Farms, UNFI and Hain Celestial).

These are powerful corporate players that buy commodities from real organic farmers.

The OTA and some of its members have repeatedly been accused of selling-out the values that the organic movement was founded upon and diluting the working definition of the organic label by supporting gimmicky synthetics in organic foods, de facto confinement of organic livestock and, more recently, promulgating a sophisticated legislative scheme in Washington that will result in an organic "check-off," taxing farmers to, in part, fund industry public relations efforts.

In the best tradition of corporations that set up "employee councils" while fighting labor unions, or the Rockefeller family that funded the startup of the Farm Bureau Federation when other family farm groups threatened control during the robber baron period, it can reasonably be predicted that OTA's new Farmer Advisory Council will help deflect criticism of corporate organics.

OTA's new counsel is chaired by a farmer (and OTA board member) who has done publicity work for Dean Foods/WhiteWave when its Horizon label was receiving criticism in the media. Its co-chairperson works for United Natural Foods Incorporated, a multibillion-dollar near-monopoly engaged in organic food distribution.          
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