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Washington Activists Launch a California-Style Ballot Initiative - I-522 "The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act"

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I-522 is ready and our teams are out scouring the state getting signatures. Our numbers are growing everyday and we feel very confident moving forward that we will give the people what they have been wanting. Labeling of GMO foods. Everyone from all walks of life are coming together to help with this cause. We are unified in a movement toward getting genetically engineered foods labeled in our state. Helping out is easy as there are so many ways you can support us. Here are a few of the ways you can help raise awareness and accomplish our goal.

Spread the word- Social media is king to grassroots movements like this and we have made it super easy and fun for you to spread the message that you want GMO foods labeled in Washington State. Take the time to like our facebook fanpage, find us on google+, follow us on twitter, follow our boards on pinterest and subscribe to our youtube channel. One of the fun ways to help spread the message virally is to earn "points" every time you retweet, "Like", share, everything you see about Label It Wa online. Top leaders for different aspects, from top tweeters to most recruits, of the campaign will be showcased on the "Most Active Supporters" link you see to the left when you log into the site. We will be utilizing the leaderboard a lot in the coming months. This is a great way to show just how dedicated our volunteers are, and we hope to see everyone's name on there at some point at the top!

Endorse I-522 to label gmo foods- We have made the endorsement process extremely easy for individuals and businesses alike. Simply head over to the Endorse page, upload your logo and viola! You are officially an endorser of this cause. Contact your favorite businesses and ask them if they will endorse this initiative as well. We know the community is committed to labeling gmo foods, now let's show the world!