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Watch This and You Will Never Drink Conventional Milk Again

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A ridiculous video from the Ohio Pork Producers Council attempts to explain why factory pig farming is a wonderful thing. Of course, the rosy picture it paints fails to mention that modern pig barns were created to cram as many pigs as possible into unsanitary spaces in order to maximize profit, with results exactly opposite to the claims made in the video.

For all of us who love, respect and share our lives with animals, it is devastating to see this appalling abuse of dairy farm animals.

This video was produced by the non-profit organization Animals' Angels, an internationally active non-profit organization based in Germany, whose mission is to end the abuse of livestock animals and improve the conditions at auctions.

Unfortunately, this video is not one of a kind. 

Many other disturbing videos can be found online, documenting animal cruelty by the food industry and others valuing profit above all else.

Why suggest watching such horrible images?

The videos about cruelty are, unfortunately, a necessary evil as they inform concerned citizens about what is endured by animals entrusted to our care.

Without seeing it, many would simply be unable to believe it exists.

And seeing it has a far more visceral impact and is harder to ignore than reading about it.

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