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“I think that it is conceivable that we could wake up and we could have activists controlling literally the local level in a way that we've never seen before. With that power, we'd have the sovereignty to pass legislation that really fundamentally affects people's lives.” – Micah White, Occupy activist, in an interview with NPR

In my recent travels to speak to groups like the Organic Horticulture Benefits Alliance (OHBA) in Houston, Texas, I’ve noticed that a lot more people are talking about politics these days.

And it’s not just national politics on their minds.

Like you, many people are fed up with how big corporations are interfering in local politics, in ways that strip cities and states of their right to local control—including the right to pass local pesticide bans, to ban fracking, to reject the construction of factory farms, and to protect local water supplies from pollution, and local organic farmland from contamination caused by drifting GMO seeds and pesticides.

You may already be working in your city or your state. On a critical environmental or food and farming issue. Or maybe you're working to elect new candidates who will serve you and your community, not some corporation.

But if you’re still looking for a way to get involved—and have fun doing it—I invite you to plug into our #Resist & #Regenerate Movement. To learn how you can become a #Resist & #Regenerate organizer,  watch this webinar that we hosted last week. Then, click on the map to find a #Resist & #Regenerate chapter near you, and sign up here if you’re willing to join a volunteer team.

We now have almost 4,000 members in 241 #Resist and #Regenerate chapters on Some chapters are working on local elections. Some are organizing campaigns to get local stores to stop selling Monsanto’s Roundup. Others, in Iowa and Wisconsin, are taking on giant corporations intent on building more factory farms.

Some #Resist & #Regenerate chapters are collaborating with local climate groups, while others are getting more involved in natural health issues and the Medicare for All Movement.

#Resist & #Regenerate is off to a great start, but we need more chapters.

We also need volunteers to take the lead in some of the existing chapters. Click on the map to find a #Resist & #Regenerate chapter near you, then sign up here if you’re willing to join a volunteer team. (Not sure about becoming a group leader? Find a local friend, and become co-leaders).

#Resist & #Regenerate is about more than just fighting back against one politician or one administration. It’s about bringing people together—around food, farming, natural health, climate and other environmental issues—to work at the local and state level to take back our communities from corporations, and to advance policies that regenerate everything from our health to our local economies.

It’s also about making new connections, building stronger communities—and having fun doing it.

In Solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins, International Director, Organic Consumers Association

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